Get more exposure on LinkedIn

Did you know that a good LinkedIn profile goes a long way in helping you reach the top? It increases your visibility to let headhunters and recruiters quickly see you because 92% of them use social media marketing for recruitment. This is possible only with a compelling profile as mundane profiles get you nowhere.

With LinkedIn boasting more than 600 million users, it’s a vast network to build business connections if you complete your profile using these nine tips:

1. Customized URL profile

LinkedIn lets you edit your URL profile with your personal or business name for improved exposure and a better search engine ranking. It helps promote your profile by adding customized URLs to your email signature and marketing materials.

2. Thorough and convincing profile

Even though it takes time, make sure your LinkedIn profile is detailed and compelling. Include all relevant awards, projects, certifications and skills, visual information like videos, presentations and profile photograph and a summary with vital details.

3. Create an SEO friendly profile

As LinkedIn search results are sorted based on relevance, wisely use your professional header’s 120 characters. Use broad to extremely focused keywords and don’t just mention your employment title but also add your skill or industry.

4. Emphasize your skills

Mentioning your professional skills in the skills section helps get quick endorsements from your network for your specific skills.

5. Highlight achievements and projects

Adding your projects, awards, patents, publications, certifications and causes to your LinkedIn profile adds value and puts you a step ahead of competitors. It increases your exposure and lets hiring managers understand you practically and not just theoretically.

6. Get endorsements and recommendations

LinkedIn is famous for making endorsements and having skills endorsed by adding credibility and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Its built-in recommendation feature lets you request people you have worked with give recommendations to build your credibility and your work. Don’t forget to return the favor!

7. Networking

Build your network by adding family, friends, co-workers, professors, classmates and acquaintances met at trade shows and networking events. The chances of your appearing in LinkedIn search results are higher with more connections.

8. Join relevant groups

With more than 200 conversations taking place every minute in LinkedIn groups, joining relevant groups lets you connect with group members.

9. Add digital media and content

Adding some digital media like presentations, documents and videos to your profile make it more visual and exciting. You can also increase exposure by posting updates or publishing some content on LinkedIn to keep you on recruiters’ minds.

Last but not least, even the most compelling, illustrative and exciting profile is useless if you are inactive on LinkedIn. Be active and keep updating your status with news articles and blog posts. Also, visit forums and give answers or ask questions to keep in touch with others, and make new connections to build your network.

These nine marketing Brisbane tricks will help you gain exposure, and keep you on top of your competitors!